The 4th  China(GuangZhou) International new energy automobile charging pile exhibition

Share 100 billion yuan wide market charging pile annual meeting

2019年5月7-9日 广州琶洲·国际采购中心 
  • Announcement of the Results of the 2017 C

  • 2016 Guangzhou charging pile after the sh

Subject Area
New energy vehicles

In 2019 the fourth China (guangzhou) international new energy car battery pile fair (hereinafter referred to as: China charging pile show) is China's most influential charging equipment exhibition, the exhibition charging pile is charging equipment enterprises at home and abroad show charging pile, charging stations, charger, rechargeable cabinets, power distribution equipment, power distribution cabinet, transformers, wireless charging pile, charging technology, the latest products and technologies of electric vehicle charging platform for the best...

Charging pile

The 4th China (guangzhou) international new energy automotive industry exhibition in "at green development, innovation" as the theme, to the "integration of resources sharing, integration, green" as the exhibition concept, is committed to building a "car, pile, electricity, building, park, net" six full industrial chain integrated ecosystem...

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